We offer a variety of guarding solutions with cutting edge technology and budget friendly solutions to fit your every need. 
We can provide:
Access control, Patrolling officers, CCTV Operators, Site Supervisors, Site Management and Risk solutions.

Drone capabilities

Offering immediate intel to reduce risk in times of need. Given the advanced intake of technology we have implemented drones to improve our services. Drones provide a faster and more efficient service for security and data collection.


We have strict recruitment procedures in place for our internationally qualified close protection officers to certify highly trained, professional team members that are customized to each clients needs.

risk escorting

Safety is the important facet when it comes to running a business. The wellbeing of those around us is crucial and it is important that they always feel protected. One of the best ways to achieve this would be through risk escorting. Providing protection through numerous occasions such as events, dignity protection, VIP Protection and surveillance.


Complete cyber crime investigation capacity including cellular phone downloading, cybercurrency and polygraph testing. We aim to assist with health and safety of individuals and to identify any possible threat.
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