We Supply Protection
forged from steel
All your security requirements are taken care of by a competent team of security professionals and cutting edge technology. 
We provide state of the art, cost-effective protection for a wide range of applications namely, access control, patrol officers, CCTV operators, site supervisors, site management and risk solutions.
Proactive awareness of your surroundings is your first preventative measure against possible threats.
Ensure optimal safety measures are in place. Shielding yourself against all dangers.
Stay up to date on the latest safety technology, current scams and methods of misleading to catch you off-guard
Our Services

Providing you with TRUSTED protection is our MAIN PRIOTITY

We offer comprehensive security services to meet all your requirements.
We provide a wide range of state-of-the-art safeguarding options.
We provide access control, patrolling officers, CCTV operators, site supervisors, site management and risk solutions.
We provide trained dogs for hire, for sale, for patrolling premises together with a qualified dog handler and detection dogs for specific substances such as explosives or narcotics.
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Armed Services
Our well-trained operators will look after you and your property. This service includes armed security, armed response, and K9 units.
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Specialized Services
We offer numerous other services, especially personalized for your specific requirements. Each section of our specialised services excels in its own area, ensuring service excellence.

Jabulani matseke

AG Corporate Affairs Manager

"The level of professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched. Our VIPs have always felt safe and well taken care of."

Nathan Briks

Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

"The peace of mind they offer is truly priceless. We're proud to have them as a crucial part of our security team."

Joanne Van Beek

Neighbourhood Watch Sandton.

"Counterpoint responded very quick when we needed backup during a crime in progress that was happening in our neighbourhood."

Ingo Stölzl

IV Tech Germany.

"During our visit to SA we felt in safe hands with the VIP security that was provided to us by counterpoint."

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