The success of CPR is based on 3 core principles namely,
service excellence
happy and motivated work force
cutting-edge technology
Our Commitment
Our brand promises to create confidence with 100% accountability. We always ensure that consistent and superior levels of service are delivered throughout South Africa.
Meet Our CEO's
Pieter van der Westhuizen
The founder and CEO of CPR has over 21 years of experience in protecting and safeguarding the community in special units like The Flying Squad, Highway Patrol and Robbery Reaction. He was a decorated officer and was awarded a Silver Cross for bravery. He is a well-known protector of the community. He has also served in a special protection unit for the President and delegates, and now he wants to lead the next generation of security by implementing the latest technology and hands on skills & training with the help of the community and local authorities to make South Africa a safer place.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh’s credentials are no less appealing. Rajesh has been a member of the special forces where he served India for 15 years. A trained commando has specialized combat skills. He has the honor to serve as a member of the squad neutralizing terrorists in the most gruesome Mumbai attacks where a militant organization from the neighboring country, carried out 12 co ordinated shooting and bombing attacks. He has worked for 6 years in Somalia in the anti piracy domain. He had served as a close protection officer for one of the wealthiest families in India. Realizing the huge potential of the security industry in South Africa and the skillset that he has, he relaced to South Africa. He is currently serving as head of security for the CEO of Alfeco holdings Pty Ltd. Rajesh is an expert in security and threat management as well as critical thinking.
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